The Romanos: A Place of Authentic Luxury

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Greece is famed amongst travellers for its idyllic landscapes, beautiful weather, and deep historical culture. Its Mediterranean region is home to fine wines and oils, and is the perfect place to relax.

Costa Navarino, located in Messinia in the southwest Peloponnese, is a sumptuous and sustainable destination that provides guests with the opportunity to experience Greece in style. The unspoiled landscape, range of activities, and rich culture of the region make it great for groups, families, and couples.

The Romanos, a Luxury Collection Resort in Costa Navarino offers visitors both luxury and class, through the provision of genuine and authentic experiences that showcase Greek and Mediterranean culture.


Located in a stunning area, The Romanos provides ample opportunity to relax on white beaches, or delve into the vast history and culture of Messinia.

Guests have the chance to throw themselves back in time, and engage in authentic cultural experiences spanning over 4500 years. The area is famed for its olive oils, and visitors can experience this in a number of ways.

The proud capital of olive oil production, Messinia provides the opportunity to sample over 250 types of olive oil, originating from the magic of the annual Autumnal harvest. A highlight of the Fall season, the unique event must be experienced to be believed, with traditional olive net collection methods still being used today.

Watch harvesters use nets to gather fallen olives as they remove the olives from the branches, using sticks to coax more stubborn fruits from the trees.

Local experts are typically on hand to run guided, informative sessions surrounding the history of the olive oil, ending in a cultured taste test of the region’s best oil.


The region’s olive oil is used as more than just a foodstuff, with the Anazoe Spa at The Romanos using olive oil in their unique oleotherapy® treatments. The spa is a great location for travellers who value authenticity, with the spa staying true to traditional Greek methods of rest and relaxation, combined with modern science.

The Anazoe Spa also features a range of other treatments for guests. Expanding on the early ideas of Greek physician Hippocrates, signature treatments include healing massages, facials, and Nestor’s Baths; a water therapy treatment designed to instil calm and wellbeing, inspired by the famed Palace of Nestor.

The location is also home to a range of beautiful beaches, giving guests the opportunity to destress, relax, and unwind.


In addition to its olive oil production, Messinia is renowned for its vineyards and grape harvests; a true reflection of Mediterranean culture.

For wine lovers, the Navarino Vineyards are a highlight that should not be missed. As ancient as The Iliad, experts provide guided tours of the vineyards, teaching visitors about ancient wine making history.

Of course, no vineyard trip would be complete without wine tasting, and the Navarino Vineyards provide ample opportunity to do this.

Centuries of grape cultivation techniques can be explored in a luxurious wine tasting session, allowing guests to discover key facts about the unique features of each wine, such as colour, aroma, and flavour. The authentic wines and rolling landscapes make this a must-see for any wine connoisseurs.


For food lovers, The Romanos and surrounding region features a plethora of options, with traditional Greek cuisines, and opportunities to get involved with and learn more about the food’s production.

The Romanos proudly supports local farming, placing a large emphasis on the practice of a true ‘farm to table’ experience. Guests can visit the organic vegetable garden, to see where their food comes from and get a genuine feel for the rural attitude of local communities.

Moreover, authentic recipes, passed between generations, are shared by local residents, giving visitors an insight into authentic village cooking and the dishes it can produce.
Fine dining can be explored in numerous ways at The Romanos, with a range of culinary experiences for guests.

The Flame restaurant is a steakhouse that makes great use of locally sourced meat, local herbs and vegetables, providing tasty food in addition to wonderful views of the rolling Navarino Dunes.

Barbouni beach restaurant, with its innovative venue design and picturesque sunset views, is a must-see for guests. With an inspired menu, the venue’s critically acclaimed Chefs serve up freshly caught fish and other signature delicacies on the beach.


The Romanos features a number of accommodation options, providing comfort amidst luxury for any guest.

Rooms range from Deluxe Rooms to Infinity Suites with private pool, with options for sea front, golf course, and landscape views. The Master Infinity Villas and the Ambassador Villas feature stunning views, and are located on the edge of the Dunes Beach, offering true luxury to resort residents. The two Royal Villas, with a 72m2 private pool, private gym, spa area, and direct access to the beach with exclusive gazebos provide for a true VIP experience.

All in all, The Romanos is a resort that should be top of any traveller’s bucket list.

The luxury setting provides numerous opportunities to sample genuine and authentic Greek traditions, Mediterranean culture, and Greek cuisines and food practices.

Proud of its heritage, Messinia is full of wonderful experiences in olive oil tasting and wine tasting, and its rich history is a welcoming addition to an already picturesque location.

The Romanos, a Luxury Collection Resort, and Costa Navarino, is the authentic Greek Mediterranean travel experience that is perfect for any global explorer.

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