Directors Recommendation

Here at IAB Travel we like nothing more than to speak with others about our own holidays and our MD is no different. One of the best aspects of travel is the fact that we get to recount our stories of adventure, to offer tips and suggestions and to listen to – and indeed connect with – like-minded people.

Rupesh’s ‘Director’s Recommendations’ can be found directly below and if you’d like to receive these on a regular basis you can do so by signing up to our monthly e-newsletter here. As the most well-travelled member of the IAB Travel family, Rupesh is our strongest resource and as such the decision was made for him make these recommendations each month. There is a plethora of choice in today’s luxury travel ‘arena’ but very few people who have been privileged enough to have experienced much of it so we feel confident you will find something to suit – remember, if you don’t find what you are seeking we can still help so give us a call…

This month’s recommendations