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Asia & Malaysia

There’s something about Southeast Asia that draws you back again and again. Enchanting landscapes, tantalising cuisines and stunning nature mark Southeast Asia as a favourite for luxury holidays. On a quest to recharge and embrace some calm away from the grey saturated skies of the UK, I succumbed to the endless recommendations and booked a trip to the island of Langkawi. Located just off the northwest shore of Malaysia, Langkawi is an archipelago made up of 99 islands. A beauty characterises Langkawi that combines an earnest nod to its rich cultural heritage, unparalleled scenery, and an undeniable air of tranquillity and style. With a mixed population comprised of Malay, Indian and Thai ethnicities, Malaysia’s multiculturalism underpins the warm, welcoming and tolerant attitude that remains at the heart of Malaysian culture.


The Datai Langkawi

I’ve always found that choosing your destination is only half the work when it comes to booking the perfect trip. When visiting a country like Malaysia, a destination that’s so enriched with culture and natural beauty, I want a hotel that reflects that authentic character whilst retaining the style and comforts of a boutique luxury hotel. I need much more than a comfortable room and a nice pool from a hotel, I want an experience I will remember; which is why I’ve opted for the award-winning boutique hotel Datai Langkawi Malaysia. A holiday should encompass special moments, and with their recent refurbishment, I feel confident that Datai Langkawi will deliver on this promise with its delightful array of perks and facilities. I was immediately captivated by the way in which Datai Langkawi appears to bear a multitude of layers; from tropical nature reserve with wildlife trails, to a sleek, sophisticated and tranquil spa – the resort seems to wear many hats, catering for different needs and pleasures.


Beautiful scenery shouldn’t be limited to the outdoors. I find that the interior design of a hotel plays a really important role in making you feel comfortable. You know as soon as a hotel describes its rooms in terms of ‘Collections’ you’re in for something special. I was immediately drawn to the nature themed and inspired rooms at the Datai Langkawi as they emerge as a fun and creative way to honour the natural surroundings of the resort. You really can’t beat a view from up high, which is why I’m particularly excited by the villas available in The Rainforest collection. Situated on stilts, the exterior of the villas resemble treehouses nestled amongst the surrounding trees and foliage. The interior design runs parallel with this theme with its earthy, but bright and airy, tones. Your room is your respite from the outside world so the attention to detail is paramount. From the stand-alone bath, Egyptian cotton sheets, the walk in wardrobe and the private pool – I love the investment in the details, big and small. I’m picturing sitting outside on the balcony with a glass of wine on a sleepy and relaxed afternoon, gazing out onto the mesmerizing view of the treetops, with the emerald green sea glistening in the distance. Pure bliss.


Relaxing and unwinding forms the foundation of most of my trips, and in order to reach that desired Zen-like state I need a spa with high end facilities. From scouring their website and online reviews, it seems that wellbeing isn’t just regarded as a service or an-add on at Datai Langkawi, it’s presented as a philosophy. Employing traditional local knowledge of treatments and therapies, the boutique resort adopts Ramuan – an ancient concoction of natural herbs and plants. I don’t want to feel like I’m at my local spa back at home, so details like these are integral to obtaining those authentic and special experiences. To appease my restless side, I’m also excited to try out the yoga and pilates classes available at The Holistic Pavilion, as well as the seminars on natural healing methods and breathing.


I love food and I couldn’t possibly book a hotel that doesn’t accommodate this passion! I’ve always considered a dynamic and atmospheric dining setting to be really important, which bodes well as each of Data Langkawi’s restaurants are embedded in beautiful settings, each characterised with a different feel, culture and cuisine. Enveloped in the luscious rainforest, The Gulai House looks like the perfect setting for a relaxed evening meal with its warm orange lighting and floor cushion seating. Amidst the foliage, The Pavilion sits on top of 30-metre stilts and offers award winning Thai food with ample treetop views. Sometimes you just want a quick and casual bite, which is where The Beach club comes in, offering a laid back, casual menu with pizzas and fresh seafood. There’s nothing worse than being presented with the same, monotonous menu and restaurant setting day and after day, so I’m glad that the Datai Langkawi seems to excel in terms of the versatility of cuisines and dining experiences they offer.


Trying out new experiences and activities is one of my favourite aspects of a trip, which is why I’m particularly excited about the prospect of trying out some of the watersport activities available at Datai Langkawi. From kayaking, windsurfing and sailing, there’s a whole host of activities to choose from. As a nature lover, I’m drawn to the way in which the boutique resort overtly invests in their natural environment, which is evident by the fact the resort bears its own onsite team, resident naturalists and marine biologists. The nature walks and activities include jungle trails to natural waterfalls and pools, as well as a butterfly garden walk. One of my favourite parts of travelling to South East Asia is the food, which is why I’m particularly excited by the prospect of getting familiar with the dapur (Malay for kitchen), and taking part in one of Datai Langkawi’s cooking classes with a complimentary glass of wine in hand. Classes seem small (8 people) which is great, as the smaller the class the more time you get with the teacher. What’s more, you also get a complimentary glass of wine – you can’t argue with that!

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