New York

Time difference: GMT -5 hours
Currency: US dollar
Flight time: 6-7 hours direct

The star of many a movie or American sitcom, New York is an enthralling city that’s just as dazzling to experience in real life as it appears to be on-screen. A luxury city break to New York City holds the promise of high-end shopping on Fifth Avenue, relaxing strolls through the vast Central Park, forays into underground speakeasy bars and hitting up those irresistible pizza joints, among countless other ways to while away the days in what is surely one of the world’s greatest cities.

First-time visitors to New York can incorporate those iconic sights like the Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center, Brooklyn Bridge, Wall Street and Statue of Liberty, who watches over her cherished city from the waterfront – all classic emblems yet even better when you get to experience them first-hand. Then there are the Broadway shows of Times Square, basketball games to catch, art galleries like the incredible MOMA and the Met, plus new additions like the High Line. This pedestrianised walking route used to be a railway line, though now offers the chance to explore New York from a different angle – elevated from the bustling streets below.

All things considered, it wouldn’t be right to talk about city breaks to New York without touching on the astonishing culinary experiences to be had. Whether Little Italy or Chinatown, visitors can taste a fantastic mix of gastronomies from around the world, all with an edge that is decidedly ‘New York’. There are sophisticated restaurants aplenty, food markets and healthy eateries too, all perfectly reflecting New York itself. A cosmopolitan, endlessly surprising and thrilling city that you should visit more than once in a lifetime, with Infinity & Beyond Travel.

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