Las Vegas

Time difference: GMT -8 hours
Currency: US Dollar
Flight time: 11 hours direct and indirect options

Few people end up on a luxury holiday to Las Vegas by mistake, meaning that when you do finally arrive in the City of Lights and first set eyes on those neon-lit casinos, recreated pyramids or Roman temples lining The Strip; it is always a feeling you’ll never forget. Las Vegas, dubbed the Entertainment Capital of the World, is proud of that reputation, as a place of fun, extravagance, live performances and larger-than-life sites that are alive and well today. Whether briefly visiting between stops on a USA road trip or spending a little longer here, checking into your five-star Vegas hotel and simply wandering The Strip is an experience in itself. Nowhere else could you pop out for a pizza and pass dancing water fountains outside Bellagio Casino, the flashy and famous MGM Grand, Luxor Hotel with its giant Sphinx statue or the Venetian, a luxury Las Vegas property with its own manmade canals, replica Bridge of Sighs and private gondola service.

That said, the glamorous casinos – most of which also contain shopping outlets, restaurants, bars, nightclubs and in some, even indoor theme parks – is still only part of the story with a luxury Las Vegas tour. Entertainment comes in all forms here, with regular Cirque du Soleil performances, global music stars live almost every night, there’s a fun Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay and even a Natural History Museum, as well as interesting exhibits on ‘Sin City’s’ previous affiliation with The Mob too.

Anyone looking to see Vegas from above should head to the Stratosphere Hotel and take their toe-curling top floor rollercoaster which wraps around the outside of the building. Or, for for something a little more serene, perhaps the High Roller observation wheel – the tallest of its kind in the world. In fact, Las Vegas also makes for convenient stopover if travelling into Arizona or beyond, and day trips to the Grand Canyon in a car or helicopter are also easily arranged. With pool parties, theatre and dance performances, acrobats and clowns, water parks and restaurants, museums and plenty of shopping to enjoy, there’s a trove of riches to choose from when planning a tailormade tour of timeless Las Vegas .

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