Destination Overview
Time difference: GMT -7 hours
Currency: US Dollar
Flight time: 11-13 hours direct and indirect options

Dive head-first into the Wild West of America on a luxury holiday to Arizona; a vast, evocative land of red earth and gaping skies with the spirit of the Navajo weaving through endlessly dramatic landscapes. Arizona is a south-western state in the USA, whose major claim to fame – or at least one of them – is that it hosts the almighty Grand Canyon, a deep, steep gorge that is worthy of its reputation. However, when it comes to epic scenery in this hypnotic corner of the country, the Grand Canyon is just the start of the story.

A road trip through Arizona is the ideal way to experience its many stunning sights. Bumble down long, open roads and gaze out over craggy mountains, spiky cacti, rocky buttes and endless desert for something truly unforgettable. It’s all the more mesmerising as over a quarter of the state makes up the Navajo Nation Reservation, a Native American territory where their ever-under-threat culture is kept alive. Explore museums and get a sense of this heritage as you hike through reserves like the Canyon de Chelly National Monument, Antelope Canyon Tribal Park and others. In fact, when it comes to activities, Arizona is bursting with things to do: as well as trekking, there’s horseback riding, biking, river rafting, climbing, and kayaking, particularly remarkable if being enjoyed at the stunning Lake Powell.

On top of the mind-blowing landscapes and Navajo culture, Arizona also boasts lively cities like Tucson, Phoenix and Scottsdale, each with their own certain appeal. Scottsdale is particularly luxurious as it’s home to many a golf course and five-star hotel, the best of which are fantastically well-equipped to include top-class facilities and restaurants. Always being blessed with the backdrop of red rock country for company, you cannot help but be transfixed with a stay in one of Arizona’s luxury resorts, during your own luxury Infinity & Beyond holiday.

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