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Destination Overview

Time difference: GMT -4 hours
Capital: Road Town
Currency: United States Dollar
Flight time: 22 hours

A drop of vibrant emerald in the sapphire waters of the Caribbean, the British Virgin Islands are a collection of over 50 tranquil islets lushly forested in jungle and brimming with colourful flowers. The islands are known as a fantastic sailing destination, and with waters this blue and winds this reliable, it’s not hard to see why. From tiny catamarans to luxury yachts and even towering cruise ships, the islands have a long maritime history which continues to this day.

As territories of the United Kingdom you might think the British Virgin Island’s offer the same colonial quirks as Bermuda or Gibraltar, but bespite the name there’s not really much to assert the islands as British, save for the occasional offerings of fish and chips – and even then these are of a rather more exotic variety than what we’re used to at home. Instead, cuisine is centred on what is fresh and locally available, with abundant seafood in its marine-rich waters providing a significant proportion of its national cuisine. Local food is hearty and often packed with spice, having been adopted from other Caribbean islands. Roti is a popular dishes, with curried veg and meat enrobed in paper-thin dough.

Outside of the main island, Tortola – which is buzzing with life and has a busy downtown area – the way of life here is laidback and the smaller islands are serene enclaves of peace and tranquillity. Of its 60-odd cays its most popular are likely to be its private islands, such as Necker Island. The former is the home of Sir Richard Branson, sat just off Virgin Gorda’s northeast coast and reachable only by private boat or helicopter. There are also a number of stunning resorts, particularly on Peter Island which is home to a luxurious resort that shares its name. Explore the lush forests and white sandy beaches – you’ll never want to come home.

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