Luxury Holidays Bahamas

Destination Overview

Time difference: GMT -5 hours
Capital: Nassau
Currency: Bahamian Dollar (USD accepted)
Flight time: 10 hours

Picture this: white sands, gin-clear waters, an abundance of wildlife, luxury resorts, a little Caribbean spice. For a few minutes allow us to whisk you off to the Bahamas where all this and more is awaiting you. The island chain is comprised of over 700 cays and islands, where the diving is spectacular and you could find yourself nose to nose with a friendly dolphin – there are many pods in the marine-rich waters. The islands of the Bahamas offer some of the best beaches in the Caribbean, with cerulean waters clear enough to see the gently rippled sand on the bottom.

In the paradise cays of Exuma there are spits of sand that appear for just a few hours before vanishing with the tide. If your resort has a boat or can drop you off it’s perfect for indulging Pirates of the Caribbean fantasies – bottle of champagne and a picnic option, of course. Kick back on the cashmere-soft sands as you toast to your time away. The Bahamas is home to enough beaches that you’ll certainly find a secluded one to enjoy in sweet solitude. For those who prefer a little more atmosphere, head to Iguana Beach where you can feed the iguanas or Pig Beach, home to a colony of feral but friendly wild pigs. Under the water there’s plenty of things too see, too. Deep sea diving will lead you into spooky shipwrecks from doomed vessels and even sunken aircraft. The reefs team with brightly coloured fish, so don’t forget your underwater camera.

On shore the city of Freeport is paradise for savvy shoppers and is packed with designer labels and boutiques, but make sure you check out the Bahamian originals too. There’s an array of bars and restaurants that come alive after dark, so it’s a place to spend the evening if you fancy people watching.

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