Luxury European Holidays

With 50 staggeringly different countries, Europe is linked by many things. Exquisite architecture, fantastically diverse cuisine, a varied topography and iconic sights: but there are many differences that set each region apart from the rest. Where Italy has its ancient Roman masterpieces, vineyards that ripple across undulating vales as far as the eye can see and a cuisine loaded with fresh flavour, Turkey proffers Asian influences, soaring minarets leftover from the Ottoman empire and warming spices that evoke thoughts of the Silk Road and trails that lead to the bewitching Middle East.

Similarly, France offers lofty mountains that graze the clouds and militant rows of lavender; Spain sizzles with a heady heat that gives way to sleepy siestas and piquant tapas dishes designed to be shared with new-found friends. From scenic Cyprus to the pastel-tinted towns of Portugal, a short flight can unveil a potent mix of Europe’s magnificent gems. Step a little off the well-trodden track on luxury holidays to Europe and you’ll find the beloved and the unfamiliar in equal measure.

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